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Tiina Haapaniitty

Attorney, partner


About me

I am easy-going, positive, and extremely passionate about my work. My strength is thorough background work. The true events of the case, the law, and the evidence must be established thoroughly so that there are no surprises in the courtroom. The number one priorities in advocacy are high quality work and ensuring the clients legal protection.

My work ethic includes listening to the client, being an outspoken advisor that handles your matter in professional and cost-effective manner. I perform in court calmly and professionally respecting everyone present.


I have worked as an attorney since 2014. I founded my own attorney-at-law office in 2018 and decided to focus only own criminal matters and matters related to child custody, visitation right and maintenance. I have also completed the conciliator training and I am listed on the Finnish Bar Association’s conciliator list. 

Vuoden 2024 alusta hoidan vain rikosoikeudellisia toimeksiantoja.


Annina Kortelainen

Attorney, trained on bench, partner

About me

I work as an attorney to help people when they encounter legally difficult situations. For most people juridical problems and especially legal proceedings may seem unfamiliar or even intimidating experiences. I want to offer all my clients the best possible legal proceedings and thus we set the goals together already in the beginning of the assignment. 

As an attorney my job is to handle the case according to the client's best interest. For me this means that early in the assignment I together with the client go through the facts of the case - strengths and weaknesses - and I try to explain the legal process for the client as clearly as possible. In situations when settlement is not possible for some reason or another, I am ready to turn over every stone so that the conclusion is the best possible for the client.


Before establishing my own attorney-at-law office I completed court training in the District Court of Etelä-Karjala in 2015-2016 after which I worked over two years as an attorney in the public sector in legal aid office. I provide service in English.


Varpu Roth