We have a decade of experience in handling criminal cases as well as cases concerning child custody, visitation right and maintenance. 

We assist the injured party or the defendant in all criminal cases. We also handle restraining orders. 

The most typical cases we handle include:

  • Offences against life and health, especially domestic violence
  • Sexual offences
  • Drug offences
  • Offences against privacy, peace, honor and freedom
  • Property violation offences
  • Economic offences, labour offences, human trafficing, and environmental offences

Suspect of crime and the defendant

Using an attorney specialized in criminal law already in pre-trial investigation often improves the chances to defend against suspected offence.  The role of the attorney is to take part in the client’s interrogation, request the police to carry out further investigation when necessary and assist in possible matters of coercive means (detention and travel ban matters in court, seizure). 

If you have been prosecuted for an offence and did not have an attorney in the pre-trial investigation, you can still turn to one of our attorneys. After fundamental study of the case and the evidence we will build an effective defense in order to prevent the unfounded criminal liability. The defendant should always turn to an attorney when they deny the charges or the claims for damages.

Victim of crime

As a victim of a crime, also called the injured party, you may need assistance of an attorney already during the pre-trial investigation. In any case, it is best that an attorney draws up the claims for damages and assists in the trial. The assignment also includes the collection of compensation from the adverse party or the State Treasury.

In case of divorce, the primary goal should be the parents’ mutual agreement on the following matters:

  • will both parents together or one parent alone be the guardian of the child
  • with which parent does the child live with,
  • when and where the child will meet the parent that lives elsewhere, and
  • how the child’s costs of living are distributed.

Sometimes the views of the parents regarding the custody of the child, residence, visitation rights and the child maintenance vary to the extent that an agreement is not possible. In that case, it is best to turn to an attorney that evaluates if the conflict between parents can be solved in the court in the expert assisted mediation or does the child’s interest require a decision from the district court through trial.

You can also turn to us in cases which involve amending a previous agreement or court decision regarding the child custody, visitation right and/or child maintenance. Here our primary objective is to negotiate with the child’s other parent for a new agreement that supports better your family’s changed living circumstances. If the negotiations do not result in an outcome that satisfies both parties, the matter can be resolved in the court.

Our advocates have a decade of experience in tailoring child visitation agreements individually, good social skills to encounter different people, and knowledge in the matters of so-called rainbow families. 

We do not handle matters related to transfer of guardianship (child welfare). In these matters we advise to turn to an attorney specialized in administrative law.